Estepona the Hot Location to Buy Property


Renowned worldwide for its fabulous beaches and stunning mountainous terrain, Estepona is an idyllic Spanish paradise with over 330 days of golden sunshine per year. The stunning vistas and great all year round weather have cemented Esteponas reputation as one of the very best locations to buy property in Spain.

The Spanish property market is booming and purchasing Estepona property is one of the soundest investments you can currently make in Spain. With thousands of tourists visiting the region each year and strong public and state investment in infrastructure, culture and the arts, the boom looks set to continue well into the future.

For its size and population (around 70,000), Estepona has surprisingly been able to hold on to its small-town charm and innate Andalucian character. Whereas other coastal towns have gone big and corporate, Estepona retains much of its old-world appeal. That’s not to say the town is without amenities, it is not. There are luxury hotels, fancy bars and some of the best restaurants in the region all packed into this beautiful provincial town.


Estepona Property

Take a walk down the meandering, steep, cobbled streets and you’ll find numerous tapas bars, serving fresh traditional Spanish foods and drinks, and little “speakeasy” bars hidden away in the strangest of places serving artisanal beer, Spanish wine and of course, big jugs of Sangria.

Shopping Boutiques and art galleries seemingly appear out of nowhere down the gorgeous flower-lined streets, every nook and cranny demanding your attention, with something or other. A real experience and one that brings people flocking to the town each year, not only for a holiday, for but for many, a new life.

The property market in Estepona is buzzing. With thousands of people from the UK visiting the area each year in search of their little piece of paradise. This, of course, leads to a lot of competition among buyers and real estate agents, so it’s important to have a good idea of what you’re looking for and once you find the place of your dreams, move fast, to avoid disappointment.

Whether you’re looking for a place to live full time, part of the year, or to rent out, current trends (tracked over the last decade or so) have shown that purchasing Estepona property can be a great investment for the future. Property prices are on the rise and with relatively cheap labor (compared to the UK), home improvements can be done on a budget and can (depending on what you do) increase the resel value potential of your property exponentially. Not bad, huh?

With the town being so popular with tourists, Hotels tend to sell out quickly, so many visitors opt for short-term rentals, renting directly, or via middlemen sites like Airbnb. The rental prices are high and due to it’s all year round great weather, the market doesn’t suffer the massive dips that you see in some of the bigger, on-off season, property markets in Spain. Making Estepona property one the best investments right now, not only in Spain, but in all of Europe.